Friday, February 4, 2011

Custom Photo Charms for Pandora Bracelets

I have been making these for a little over a year and they are my best sellers. These small charms are all sterling silver and are attached to a small all sterling loop that is not threaded. Priced at $38, they are a great deal. Even better, each charm is double-sided to hold two photos. You'll be amazed at the detail on these small charms!!

If you need something a little bigger, I now have Mother of Pearl Charms for the Pandora Bracelet. They are shown here and can be accented with your choice of semi-precious beads or swarovski crystal!! These sell for $35 and are also double-sided. Visit my store at to purchase.


sharkbyt522 said...

i would like toorder a few picture charms for pandora bracelets.
do i need upload the pictures or do i need to mail them

Thank you!!(^0^)

sharkbyt522 said...

hi i am interested in ordering photo charms for pandora bracelets.
do i need to upload pictures or do i need to mail them to you

thank you!!(^0^)

charmingmemories said...

Hello, you can email me your photos at

Also, you can visit my website at to order any of these charms.

Thank you, Aileen

Danika said...

Hello, I'd like one, how much are they and how do i go about getting one done?

Kind regards. said...

Hi Danika,

The charms are $40 each and can be purchased from my website at

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, Aileen

pandora ireland said...

thank you!!(^0^)

jelly andrews said...

This is so adorable. And I guess at $38, this is a generous offer. And now I am thinking of purchasing one as a gift for a special person.

jelly andrews said...

Who in the world ever resist this type of bracelet? This is such a darling. And I guess this is a great way to stay close with your love ones all the time.

kim said...

Is there a protective overlay over the photo to resist scratching?

kim said...

is there a protective overlay over the photo to resist scratches?