Monday, December 31, 2007

Double Dangle Necklace

Double Dangle Necklace - August 2007

One of my biggest issues was how would I be able to attractively display 2 or 3 tiles in one necklace. This gave birth to one of my most popular necklaces, the Double Dangle. I started with a lariat design, but it was rather fussy to keep tied, so one customer asked me to make it a permanent lariat with a clasp. I've made many versions of this. I've had many creative requests. I used either the square or circle tiles. I've shown many of the different ones that I have made below, including two with my two-tone tiles!! I will be making several new necklaces in January showing 3 charm designs!!

Custom Designs

I've been wanting to update my blogspot so that I could post many of the custom designs that I have created. Having started my website only 3 months ago, I was overwhelmed by the compliments and orders from so many people. I tried to take as many photos as I could of the many jewelry items that I made. Here are several of the unique designs that I created with the help of many of my customers.

This was a birthday gift for one of my best friends. It's a real unique design with the double strand of chain and wrapped pearls. The oval clay tile is a large size made to look like a brooch. I made this necklace extra long, about 22 inches to go on the outside of shirts. I'll be uploading a photo of it on since that's how it looks best!!

These next two necklaces were custom orders using double link charms that are usually used for bracelets. I used small pearls in between the charms to finish off the look.

This bracelet has really increased in popularity and looks really beautiful in person. This custom order featured pearls as well in between and 5 oval charms.

One customer was interested in a large square tile, the size of my custom tile key chains. I designed this for her and she was thrilled!! The tile is white in the center and cream around the edges.

These Clay tile keychains were a huge hit and I sold over 30 of them.

I made several photo ornaments as Christmas gifts. I didn't sell them on my website, but am planning on it for next year. Look for several designs and shapes!!

The large oval tile necklace was great for larger families. I had several orders including this first one which features assymetrical swarovski pearls!!

This bottom one features faceted garnets with swarovski rondells.

I am real open to any suggestions and can work with you on your design. Just email me if you have a question:

Thanks, Aileen

Bracelets - Sterling Silver

After selling several necklaces, I had requests for bracelets from many people. I initially made two types of bracelets, all sterling silver with square and oval charms, which are shown below. They are accented with either all sterling silver beads, garnets or amethyst. I've made the bracelets with up to 7 charms.

I then added to my collection a clay version of the above charm bracelet using photo tiles.

One of my tougher challenges was to create an attractive and simple bracelet using the oval tiles and sterling chain. I used a simple chain and accented the charm with sterling or garnets for a simple and beautiful look.

Here's my version of a scrapbook of photos in a bracelet form. This bracelet is approximately 8.5 inches in length and is double-sided. I love having several photos to show off in this style.

More Clay Tile Jewelry

After successfully making many of the small clay tiles, I decided to expand my collection with different shapes and also larger shapes.

Small Oval Tile Necklace - Horizontal or Vertical

I love the oval shape and created several pieces for myself. The bottom photo is a custom order with the asymmetrical Swarovski pearls. Real unique!!

Large Oval Tile - Horizontal or Vertical

This large oval tile was perfect for larger families or if you have more then 3 people in a photo. It's pretty large, about 23x29mm. Because of the larger photos, I was able to add more beads to this tile and accent it with dangles at the bottom for one of my custom orders.

Two-Tone Clay Tiles
One of the things that I liked about the sterling frames, was that it was a frame. I tried to incorporate this into my clay tile jewelry by creating a frame look. I used cream, blue or pink around the while tiles. After several attempts, my final result came out perfectly. This style is definately one of my popular items. Due to all the interest, I added the oval style in response to a custom order. You'll see it soon on my etsy website!!

Clay Tile Photo Jewelry

There are two types of photo jewelry available on various websites: Sterling Silver Photo Charms and Clay Tile Charms. I started experimenting with clay in early January 2007. It took many tries to really perfect the method. In the end, I love my final result and started with real small and simple necklaces.

Simple Circle or Square Phto Tile Charm Necklace - June 2007

These are small clay tiles and double sided. They measure a little less then 1/2 inch. I loved accenting these tiles with various beads. Some of my favorites are shown below. The circle tile has a garnet and daisy bead. The square tile has rose quartz and a daisy bead.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sterling Silver Necklaces - Square Shape

Many people have asked how I got started making these photo necklaces. I started in order to save money. I had promised my mother-in-law a three charm necklace from a very popular website for sterling photo jewelry. It was going to cost $160. After doing some research, I found that I could make the necklace for less then half the cost. I decided that I wanted to make a necklace for myself and also made a few as gifts.
I intially started my collection with just sterling silver items using sterling silver square frames.

Sterling Silver Square Frame Charm with Garnets and Bali Beads - July 2007

The necklace below was created for my neighbor who's son is now 21, but she loved this endearing photo of her husband and son when he was just a toddler.

This style is surrounded by small round garnet and Bali silver beads, then hung from a delicate Sterling silver cable chain and closed with a lobster clasp.

Classy Style - Sterling Silver Square Frame with Grey and Peacock Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals. - June 2007
I created this style for myself showing of my favorite photo of my three girls.

This style contains freshwater grey and peacock pearls with a swarovski crystal rondell in between all hung from a delicate cable sterling silver necklace and closed with a lobster clasp. Black and White photos work best against these beautiful pearls.

Simple Sterling Silver Photo Charm Necklace - July 2007
I love the pearls, but I also liked to keep my necklaces simple. This style is simply either an oval or square sterling silver charm on a delicate cable chain.